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Good, Cheap, Fast - Pick Two...But We Think You Can Have All Three!

Quite often in the creative world you hear the saying, “Good, Cheap or Fast, Pick Any Two”. In most cases this is true and anyone working in the video production space will tell you, they have often had the conversation with clients, extolling the importance of clearly communicating what the client’s priorities among those three […]

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Top 5 ThinkVisual Picks for June

#1 - What Most Schools Don’t Teach – Code.org Code.org is a non-profit foundation dedicated to growing computer programming education. They launched “What Most Schools Don’t Teach” as a campaign with the goal to get children and teachers thinking about the need for computer programmers. #2 - Apple Watch Real Stories – Apple Apple understands […]

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8 Tips To Get More Video Views

The video you’ve been working on over the past while is finally finished and you can’t wait to post it online, sit back, and wait for it to go viral. Except, it’s not getting millions of views. In fact, it’s only been seen by 20 people. So what happened? Why did this marketing effort fall […]

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Top 5 ThinkVisual Picks for May

From the collection of visual communication campaigns that we have come across, we want to share this month’s TOP 5 picks with you to entertain, inspire and enlighten. #1 – Danny Daycare – Danny Macaskill This little video by professional trail biker Danny Macaskill takes babysitting and bike trails to new heights. Please do not […]

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