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Why Does Your Audience Prefer Video?

Most marketers and communicators are all acutely aware of the power video and its ability to attract, hold, and influence viewers. But why is that? Why does video have a more powerful role than ever in the lives of the average your audiences? Let's explore a few reasons. THEY RESPECT PEOPLE'S TIME Time is the […]

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Staying Social During Social Distancing

No, we are absolutely NOT talking about getting together with friends and ignoring the advice of medical authorities, social distancing is essential right now.  However, complete social isolation is not…So, how can you find ways to maintain social distance, but socialize at the same time? The answer is…the internet!  There are many online tools that […]

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Managing More Than Just Your Workload

The working world has been forced to adapt to a new norm for now. Many of us find ourselves working from home for the first time, and not only that, but many of us are doing this with our entire families sharing the same space. Children are looking for something to occupy their time, and […]

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Crisis Communications: Using Video to Communicate

Your job as a communicator just got complicated. Video is the most powerful tool you have available to you. COVID-19 has hit 2020 like a sledgehammer, and thrown many of our well made plans into disarray. Suddenly we are faced with the reality that we may spend a good portion of the next few weeks, […]

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