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Ring in the New Year with Video

The start of a new year means eating a littler better, setting new goals to crush, and to start thinking about how your company can leverage video marketing, communications, and training in 2022. Okay, we admit the last one is a little more unconventional, but if you start thinking about this now it will give […]

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Hiring YouTube Production Companies VS DIY Video Production

Just because you can upload an iPhone video to YouTube, doesn’t always mean you should. Sure, there are some cases where this absolutely makes sense and can save you time and money. These types of videos can be great for TickTok or Instagram, but when you need something of higher quality, something that is a […]

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Unlock the Power of a Mini Doc

“Documentary” is a heavy term.  It brings visions of David Attenborough narrating over a long exploration of a heavy topic.  Simply put, it is something you don’t watch on a whim lightly…You have to be in the mood. By contrast, a mini doc is much more approachable.  A bite sized, lighter take on the documentary […]

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An Explainer Video…Just What You Need!

Video productions can sell, motivate, entertain and more.  And in the rise of modern communications, one way video has been used now more than ever is to explain.  Explainer video production can be used to detail simple messages, or even complex data or processes in a way viewers can easily digest.  Here are a few […]

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