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First and foremost,
we are Storytellers.

We believe that great stories can transcend mediums which they are told with an unparalleled capacity to connect with the universal human experience.

Which means we do things a little differently.

We first help you discover your story, then we help you choose the best medium to share that story with your target audience. And with our collaborative team of pros, we specialize in not only Calgary video production, but also photography, animation and 3D animation.

So no matter what your story is, we have the best ways to help you share it.

We believe in Story First. Medium Second.

What we do

Our Services.

This is our passion. From concept to completion, we create projects that impact audiences. Videos that make people care, and want to watch again. Photography that makes an impact, and stir up emotions. And animation that transports you to a different time and space.

We’ll guide you through from start to finish, so nothing gets overlooked.
Video Production

Video Production

Connect to your audience using one of the most power mediums of visual communications.
Photography / Timelapse

Photography / Timelapse

Humans process visual images 60,000 times faster than text. So a picture is actually worth so much more than a thousand words.


Bring your abstract concepts to life using both 2D and 3D animation.
Brand Strategy

Brand Storytelling

Strengthen and solidify your brand to change the way consumers think about and interact with your business.
Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Visual concepts used to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate your audience.


Blended Visual Learning solutions for the modern and sophisticated learner. The next generation of training and engagement.

About us

Our Story.

Storytelling is in our DNA as a company. It’s our reason for being and it’s our greatest hope to help our clients tell their own. We are a video production company with headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. We specialize In Visual Storytelling.

We provide our clients with strategic and creative planning around all of their visual storytelling. This includes Calgary video production, animation, photography, and interactive 360° experiential content.

We are proven problem-solvers. Our team of multi-talented visual storytellers know how to connect with an audience. We create. We adapt. We lead.

We are among the best in the country because where others see challenges, we see opportunities. We embrace the world’s speed and rate of change. We are energized by it. Motivated by it every day – driven to find the best solution. We are Story First.
  • "I’m so impressed by the quality of work we have received from your team. V has provided so much to us in such short timelines and the quality is never compromised. The entire team loves working with you and your team.
    Thank you so much for being such a great quality partner."
    Jessie S
  • "For over 20 years, V has delivered excellent video services to me, my employers and clients. The team is great at collaboratively helping to navigate best practices and approach to impactful, measurable and captivating visual work. They have always delivered on time, on-budget and with a smile. I highly recommend them."
    Bart G
  • "It was an absolute pleasure working with V, I learned so much from your team and was grateful for all the support, lessons and patience y’all displayed. I hope to work with you again one day."
    Donna H
  • "You guys nailed it. Really appreciate your patience, diligence, ideas and attention to detail."
    Darren H
  • "Your outstanding attention, service and media quality from your team keeps us coming back for more."
    Lisa W