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Plan for the Demand of Video

The demand for video in business is rapidly growing. Your customers, employees and investors now expect video to be part of your overall communications mix.

Most large companies have not had the time to plan video integration with their overall communications programs.

We can help you make sense of it all.

A Video Integration Plan helps you proactively augment your communications by providing valuable insights and strategies so that you meet the needs of your company and changing audience behaviors.

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What’s involved in a Video Integration Plan (VIP)?

Like any plan, this is a deep dive into your communications presence with a focus on video. We look at many dimensions to:

  • Determine what’s working and what’s not working with your videos and your approach
  • Analyze current video practices
  • Review the effectiveness of your videos within digital channels
  • Review competitor and NGO video presence in your digital space
  • Identify employee, customer and stakeholder audiences, their viewing habits, and where and how we can reach them more effectively’
  • Map the engagement potential of your content
  • Recommend how video can be integrated within current digital platforms and communities
  • Identify opportunities to more effectively deploy the powerful medium of video

What are the benefits
of a video integration plan?

  • Increased understanding of your audiences with a detailed view to their video preferences and viewing habits
  • Detailed understanding of your current video use with comparison against competitors and influencers
  • Integrated and optimized video communications opportunities
  • Year-long video content planning
  • Video performance tuning and optimization
  • Video budget and resource planning for increased efficiency
  • Measureable performance and ROI


  • More engaging content can enable more effective communications
  • Needs and expectations can be met for increasingly video-centric audiences
  • Increased potential to connect, shift attitudes and change behaviors
  • Organization and fostering of a culture of rich digital content and storytelling
  • You become the company to watch and model


Integrating video into your communications plan does not mean an increased marketing and communication budget, it simply means reallocating your resources to improve the impact of your communications.

Let us help you realize the full potential of Video Integration Planning for your organization.

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