Why have a full time video person on staff
when you only need them a few days per month?

The Challenge

Video is in high demand in your organization, and you need a balance between budget, quality and efficiency.

Until now, you only had two options: hire an in-house video producer, or hire an external production company. On the one hand, it’s difficult to find one person with the required tools and/or experience to write, produce, direct, shoot and edit your video content. On the other, hiring a full production team all the time can be overkill for those simple monthly video messages.

The Challenge

V has the solution for you!

The V Embedded Contractor Service is a way to access affordable and efficient video production only when you need it. The VECS package gives you an experienced production team that produces videos throughout the year as if they were part-time members of your communications group.

  1. The VECS team arrives at your office in the morning with equipment for filming the video.
  2. The VECS team edits the video in the afternoon onsite so you can provide feedback.
  3. The VECS team delivers the finished video at the end of the day so you can share it right away!

VECS gives you the benefit of having your very own video production department without having to find enough work for a fulltime team, pay benefits, purchase equipment, or sacrifice quality. It’s the perfect solution for Investor Relations updates, Executive messages, AGM’s, Employee announcements, or any message you need to deliver!

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