Our philosophy is simple:

Make People Happy

Our Story

We are Story. It’s in our DNA as a company. It’s our reason for being and it’s our greatest hope to help our clients tell their own. We are a Creative Agency with headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. We Specialize In Visual Storytelling.

We believe that great stories transcend the mediums through which they are told. That a great story can impact people emotionally – shaping their choices, behaviours, and beliefs. At V Strategies, we understand people and how Stories effect change.

We provide our clients with strategic and creative planning around all of their visual storytelling. This includes everything from video, websites, social media, animation, photography, virtual reality and interactive 360° experiential content. We also understand the world of content marketing, branded entertainment, and brand journalism.

We are proven problem-solvers. Our team of multi-talented visual storytellers know how to connect with an audience. We create. We adapt. We lead.

We are among the best in the country because where others see challenges, we see opportunities. We embrace the world’s speed and rate of change. We are energized by it. Motivated by it every day – driven to find the best solution. That is Our Story. We are Story First.

Our Demo Reels

It’s a visual world and we are experts in visual storytelling!


These are the five core values that all V team members are committed to inside the office, and out. They are more than just a plaque on the wall; they represent what you can expect from us each and every day.

  1. Make People Happy

    Every step we take is mindful of making sure that clients are happy with their project and their journey with us.

  2. Keep it Simple

    We want to make the process easy and pain free, and we strive to keep things simple while making clients look like rock stars.

  3. Get Creative

    To reach client audiences, generic won’t cut it. Our creative approach helps to inspire, engage and activate the viewer in a better way.

  4. Focus on the Solutions

    That’s why we’re here, isn’t it? To provide a solution that makes clients happy and accomplishes their goals.

  5. Do what's Right!

    In the office or out, this philosophy is lived and breathed by our team every day.