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2010, The Year of the PADD [VIDEOS]

Devices from futuristic television shows are becoming a reality and this year the focus is on the PADD. http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/PADD A PADD (Personal Access Display Device - coined from Star Trek) is a hand held touch screen device that displays information and preforms various tasks. The devices available to consumers will not be able to open […]

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URL Shorteners - the long and short of it

They are everywhere! Strange, abbreviated web addresses.  What are these things? Are they dangerous? Let's find out! Why URL Shorteners The creation of URL shortening was introduced in 2002 in order to simplify long, hard to read links. The driving force behind its widespread adoption today is due primarily to the popularity of Twitter. As […]

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Google Buzz - What's all the "Buzz" About?

What is Google Buzz? Google Buzz is a new social network powered by Google. Similar to Twitter you can follow people and have them follow you, reading and posting constant streams of real time updates. But that's just the start ... there's the ability to add images and videos, comments, like and share posts/statuses. Integrate […]

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Box.Net - A Cloud Content Management Solution

I came across an interesting online solution lately. At first glance, this solution seemed rather similar to Google Docs, being a way to store and distribute files online and offsite. Once I read further I realized that one thing that made this system great was that it was not only a great way to store […]

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