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Top 5 Think Visual Picks for March

From the collection of visual communication campaigns that we have come across, we want to share this month’s TOP 5 picks with you to entertain, inspire and enlighten. #1 Choose Go – Nike In this fictitious short film the earth stops turning, and this campaign aims to encourage people to run to propel the earth […]

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VR vs. 360º Video – What’s the difference?

“We used to say seeing is believing.  Now we have to say experiencing is believing." -Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony Worldwide With the rise of virtual reality technology, a lot of new terminology has surfaced which may cause a bit of confusion between varying products. For example, did you know that virtual reality and 360º […]

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Top 25 Mini Docs

We love mini docs and wanted to share our Think Visual List of the Top 25 Mini Docs. #1 The Donut Vault - Next time you're in Chicago! #2 Ingrained - International Wood Culture Society - The skill is fascinating. #3 The Art of Brick - This guys knows how build lego houses. #4 Hedgehog Arborists - […]

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Storytelling with Mini Docs

What is a Mini Doc? As with other short mediums such as poems, articles and short films, mini-documentary films (or mini-docs, for short) provide a concise visual experience to stimulate thought and feeling.  The goal is to have them as engaging and polished as a feature film, but tightly edited and specific enough so that […]

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