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VR vs. 360º Video – What’s the difference?

“We used to say seeing is believing.  Now we have to say experiencing is believing." -Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony Worldwide With the rise of virtual reality technology, a lot of new terminology has surfaced which may cause a bit of confusion between varying products. For example, did you know that virtual reality and 360º […]

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Top 25 Mini Docs

We love mini docs and wanted to share our Think Visual List of the Top 25 Mini Docs. #1 The Donut Vault - Next time you're in Chicago! #2 Ingrained - International Wood Culture Society - The skill is fascinating. #3 The Art of Brick - This guys knows how build lego houses. #4 Hedgehog Arborists - […]

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Storytelling with Mini Docs

What is a Mini Doc? As with other short mediums such as poems, articles and short films, mini-documentary films (or mini-docs, for short) provide a concise visual experience to stimulate thought and feeling.  The goal is to have them as engaging and polished as a feature film, but tightly edited and specific enough so that […]

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The Future of Learning & Engagement

The world is entering a new age of learning, training and engagement. An increase in the speed of change in the workplace, the fast turnaround of new products, and the need to operate in different and hypothetical spaces are all putting a demand on new methods to educate and train employers, employees, citizens, audiences – essentially anybody […]

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