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Top 5 ThinkVisual Picks for April

From the collection of visual communication campaigns that we have come across, we want to share this month’s TOP 5 picks with you to entertain, inspire and enlighten. #1 The Treehouse – Travelers Insurance In an effort to reduce traffic fatalities caused by distracted drivers, Travelers Insurance commissioned a series of animated films imagining unfinished […]

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Driving Massive Viewership Using Video!

We've been fans of this YouTube channel for years, and wanted to share their awesome videos with all of you! AsapSCIENCE is a YouTube channel, created by two Canadians out of Toronto: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown. They've created a massive following by sharing random science related topics with story driven explainer style videos. The […]

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When it comes to Training, Knowing the Pitfalls is the First Step

By knowing what causes training initiatives to fail, you will better know how to ensure they succeed. Training is a major industry.  In a study, it was estimated that in 2016, $360 billion dollars was spent on training.  And this is a rate that has been growing an astonishing 10% (compounding) per year! With that amount […]

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Explaining Explainers

Have you ever needed to explain a product, service, process or business idea in a quick and effective way so your audience understand it right away? You probably see the message so clearly in your own head and if THEY could just see it, then it would totally click!   Unfortunately, technology isn’t quite there with […]

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