Crisis Communications: Using Video to Communicate

March 17, 2020
Crisis Communications: Using Video to Communicate

Your job as a communicator just got complicated. Video is the most powerful tool you have available to you.

COVID-19 has hit 2020 like a sledgehammer, and thrown many of our well made plans into disarray. Suddenly we are faced with the reality that we may spend a good portion of the next few weeks, or months, working with minimal contact, whether that is at home or in an office.

Times like these require us to think differently about how we can accomplish our goals, and keeps our business (and employees) operating efficiently and effectively.  With confusion and changes to office culture that our current situation has caused, that is easier said than done.

So, to help you out, here are a few ways that video can be leveraged to ease the burden, connect people over distance, and ensure everyone is aligned.

1. Video Updates (Employees – Customers – Investors)

Stability from the top down is important to communicate to all stakeholders.  Just because meetings and gatherings are no longer feasible, doesn’t mean you have to scramble.  Video can be leveraged to quickly and easily distribute important and ongoing messages from the top of your organization.  This could be a pre-recorded message or a live video webcast.

2. Remote Video Training

Now may be a good time to look at increasing employee competence and knowledge levels.  Video can quickly leverage your company’s own internal experts and give them a way to share their knowledge company wide, increasing everyone’s understanding of your business while also decreasing the impact of future knowledge retention issues/risks.

3. Virtual Events

As they say in show biz… “The Show Must Go On”.  If you had any events planned for the coming months, whether for clients, staff or other stakeholders, you may want to consider a Live or On Demand Virtual Event.  It does not completely replace an in person event but under the circumstances they can work very well.

4. Animated or Graphical Explainer Videos

Creating simple animated Explainer Videos can provide people with updates, instruction and information related to your business operations. These could include updates related service offerings, tips for staying healthy or updates on corporate strategies during the COVID-19 crisis.

Regardless of whether you use a service like V Strategies or create video content on your own we do believe that video can make a difference in your communications. It provides a more personal connection and we know that everyone would appreciate that in this current environment.

We’re here to help in any way that we can!

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