Good, Cheap, Fast - Pick Two...But We Think You Can Have All Three!

July 11, 2019

Quite often in the creative world you hear the saying, “Good, Cheap or Fast, Pick Any Two”. In most cases this is true and anyone working in the video production space will tell you, they have often had the conversation with clients, extolling the importance of clearly communicating what the client’s priorities among those three choices are.

Here's the reasoning…

Do they want it Fast and Cheap? 

Then the quality will have to suffer.  Why? Simply put, development of higher quality content takes more development time and resources.  Getting professional looking video requires more pre-planning, long setup times, multiple takes, longer time in the edit suite, etc.  And for animated or custom graphics, the longer a designer has, the better the graphics will be, period.  There is no shortage of videos on YouTube illustrating this very point.

Are they looking for something Fast and Good?

Then more resources will be tasked, as saying, “work faster” only goes so far.  As explained above, quality has a direct correlation to time, so to up the quality they need to be prepared for a higher project cost to account for the added man hours.  In addition, when you also throw in an aggressive development timeline, you need even more resources in a shorter period of time.  In the end, you will wind up paying for the timeline and expectations, and you may be paying a premium to account for the disruption to the provider’s workforce and regular business that the aggressive timeline will cause.

Maybe they want it Good and Cheap

If you want the most for your limited buck, then adding time to your project timelines is a good way to ensure you maximize your investment.  Prioritizing projects in a development queue, and hastening production methods or concepts are all things that increase scope.  Slowing down the project has the adverse effect.  There are limits to what you can do with added time though.  At the end of the day, longer timelines don’t give you more development hours, only more time to come up with innovative approaches and ideas. 

So What does All This Mean? 

It means that when you enter into a creative development project, you need to clearly identify what your priorities are. And here’s the kicker…we believe that you can have all three, Good, Cheap, and Fast…If you take the time to plan.

A well developed Video Integration Plan can provide you with a road map for producing good quality video in a timely fashion, and without breaking the bank. The challenge is that most communicators are stuck in a world of reaction. We hardly ever have time to plan, which creates a Catch-22.

Our suggestion is to carve out some time to develop a video integration plan, and make it a priority. The old saying, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there” rings true in this case. Create a plan, and in the end you should be able to achieve the goal of good, cheap and fast!

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