Top 5 ThinkVisual Picks for June

June 27, 2019

#1 - What Most Schools Don’t Teach – is a non-profit foundation dedicated to growing computer programming education. They launched “What Most Schools Don’t Teach” as a campaign with the goal to get children and teachers thinking about the need for computer programmers.

#2 - Apple Watch Real Stories – Apple

Apple understands the power of real-world testimonials. But what’s really genius about this series, is that Apple is calling attention to a feature that was never advertised; The fact that this watch might just help save your life.

#3 - How Deep the Ocean Really Is – TechInsider

People literally lost their minds over this animated video – which has gone viral twice since it was released. This is a perfect example of just how powerful an Animated Explainer Video can be. It gives context to a concept that most of us struggle with, as grasping how deep the ocean is requires context that most people aren’t able to visualize on their own.  

#4 - 25, 915 Days – Reebok

The average human lifespan is 25,915 days. That is the starting point for this ad from Reebok reminding us to celebrate the ability to move the bodies we have. By following one person’s journey (in reverse) all the way to the day they were born, it really drives the message home. Well done, Reebok!

#5 – Wheels - Canadian Tire

This is an oldie but a goodie – It is one of three ads that ran as part of Canadian Tire’s “We All Play for Canada” campaign. It is a great example of how incorporating company values like diversity and inclusiveness into marketing efforts can really pay off.

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