When it comes to Training, Knowing the Pitfalls is the First Step

April 11, 2019

By knowing what causes training initiatives to fail, you will better know how to ensure they succeed.

Training is a major industry.  In a study, it was estimated that in 2016, $360 billion dollars was spent on training.  And this is a rate that has been growing an astonishing 10% (compounding) per year!

With that amount of money being put to use in training, it is critical that you prepare yourself for any training initiative by understanding the ways that many training initiatives fail.

Here are our top 10:

10. Dedicating insufficient resources to creating and maintaining the initiative

9. Rushing the development of training to meet arbitrary deadlines and handicapping the entire process

8. Approaching the training initiative as a one off event rather than a process that will grow and evolve over time

7. Leaving the parameters for success undefined, or creating unclear parameters

6. Never clearly communicating the reason for the training

5. Not taking the time to engage employees in the training or create accountability around employee completion

4. Developing training with outdated content, or content that is not detailed enough to accomplish goals

3. Insufficient follow-up and/or follow-through on training initiatives

2. A lack of support from leadership to properly develop and/or support training

1. Relying on one “perfect solution” to solve all your training needs instead of employing a blended learning approach.

Every training initiative flows through a development and/or rollout phase as well as the continuous “live” phase, where the training is actively in place in the organization.  Avoiding the pitfalls above will help any organization, no matter the phase, to develop, implement, and maintain successful training initiatives and ultimately a more productive workplace.

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