Storytelling with Mini Docs

January 24, 2019

What is a Mini Doc?

As with other short mediums such as poems, articles and short films, mini-documentary films (or mini-docs, for short) provide a concise visual experience to stimulate thought and feeling.  The goal is to have them as engaging and polished as a feature film, but tightly edited and specific enough so that the messaging is highly focused.  Whether it be a sensitive subject or a brand story, the format of a mini-doc allows the opportunity to speak to a given topic clearly. It’s about great storytelling.

Can a mini-documentary be the best medium for you?  We definitely think so.  Below, we’ll share some examples of how mini-docs may be applicable to you.

Sharing a Brand Story:

An effective use of a mini-doc is in the form of brand storytelling.  Why would an average consumer be interested in buying from you?  More often than not, customers are drawn towards a brand’s image and story and will make purchasing decisions based on that.  How do you effectively communicate what your brand is all about and connect on an emotional level with your consumers? Through a well-crafted mini-doc, of course!

The most important thing when creating mini-docs for the purpose of Branding is to clearing identify what the story is that you want to tell.  The story isn’t necessarily about your products or services unless there’s a real interesting story behind them.  It may be about how you started the business or why you started the business.  It may be about the struggles along the way of building the brand.  It may be about your brands purpose in life.  The portrayal of your brand is important as is authenticity.  A consumer can tell when a brand is being authentic in their approach, so this is an important piece to be aware of.

A Brand Story can be told in a number of different ways.  If there’s a lot of history in the company, it’s valuable to share a behind the scenes look of how things are done at your company now and share the story behind the success of the company over the years.  Below are a couple of examples of mini-docs used for brand connection:

Coach / Warstic (Credit: Bryce Wymer Studios)

Inverted Bike Shop (Credit: Show Love - Peter Crosby)

Another approach would be linking the brand’s story to an external concept that relates back to the same values of the business.  For example, Lululemon created a mini-doc series focused around the headline, “This is Yoga”.  As a yoga brand that has exploded to become so much more, they wanted to share the Story of where it all began.  Without sharing too much of the history of the brand but instead focusing on real stories of practice in action, they’re able to link interesting activities back to the Story of their brand.

Exploring an important theme:

Let’s say you have an important message you want to share but don’t know what form of media would best portray that idea to your audience.  Is a mini-doc an effective method to reach the people you want to communicate with? Most definitely!

You could simply try to share your message through print media, social media or online videos, but they don’t offer the same depth and emotional connection that you could reach through a mini-doc.  Mini-docs are great for when you have a specific theme in mind and want to utilize an excellent format to tie relatable concepts to it.  Sometimes, this can be sensitive topics and mini-documentaries help to clearly share the overlying message of the piece.

Below are a couple of examples of great min-docs that evoke emotion and gets the audience thinking:

The San Francisco Marathon (Credit: Heist)

Stand For Trees (Credit: Prince Ea)

In summary, amazing Storytelling can be achieved in many ways, but mini-docs provide an organized and focused approach to do so.  Whether you’re looking to raise awareness for something meaningful to you or communicating the values of your brand, you’ll find mini-docs as an effective method to do so.  In the age of the digital world, consumers have more access than ever to find businesses that share similar values and are keen to spend money with those brands.  It is important to recognize the importance here to ensure you’re reaching your customers effectively, and mini-docs are an amazing way to do so.

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