Top 5 Think Visual Picks for March

April 3, 2018

From the collection of visual communication campaigns that we have come across, we want to share this month’s TOP 5 picks with you to entertain, inspire and enlighten.
#1 Choose Go – Nike
In this fictitious short film the earth stops turning, and this campaign aims to encourage people to run to propel the earth to revolve back on its axis. Everyone straps on their runners to save the world, including Kobe Bryant, scientist Bill Nye, sprinter Ge Manqi, gymnast Simone Biles and Kevin Hart.

#2 HomePod – Apple
Apple’s short film “Welcome Home” features a FKA twigs, whose drab apartment becomes a colorful, shape-shifting oasis thanks to her HomePod device.

#3 2018 Stinger – Kia
This commercial is a little strange, but it’s also highly entertaining. Featuring Steven Tyler, this ad came out for Superbowl which is most likely why it’s a little over the top. But it got our attention and got us talking about it so…. mission accomplished!?

#4 Happiness
This short animation follows a rodent chasing what he perceives as happiness. It caught our attention because of the creative visuals and captivating storytelling.

#5 BEAR - LottoMax
This spot from LottoMax made our Top 5 because of its exceptional animation. From the detail on the bears to the way they move through the snow, it’s truly a work of art.


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