The Power of Video – Use it to Drive Sales!

April 17, 2018

As marketers continue to find new ways to attract customers, video has proven to be one of the most impactful solutions.  In a recent survey done by HubSpot, over 3000 consumers were asked for their thoughts on advertising. From this survey, 53% of people agreed they want to see more video content from marketers.  On top of that, 51.9% of marketing professionals surveyed would name video as the medium with by far the best return on investment.
Video is not going anywhere and the power of video continues to grow.  In this post, we will feature three different types of video avenues that help businesses drive sales in different ways: Mini Docs, Explainer Videos, and Spots or Commercials.

Mini Docs

Mini Docs provide a concise visual experience designed to stimulate thought and feeling.  They are used to tell a story like no other and are often used to create business profiles.  Mini Docs are great for profiling a company and highlighting the unique aspects that separate them from their competitors.  Mini Docs are exactly what the name says, a mini documentary.  Typically 2-5 minutes in length and shot in a cinematic style.  They are less of an advertisement and more of a story which can help customers connect with a brand on a much deeper level, creating mindshare.  Mini Docs are a useful way to create an emotional connection between your customer and your brand in a natural way.
Here’s an example of a mini doc that tell a great story:
Inverted Bike Shop

Check out our Top 25 Mini Doc Picks Here.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos are short online marketing tools that are used to describe a company’s specific product or service solution.  The message often feels more like an educational piece as opposed to a blatant advertisement.  The mix of visual and verbal reinforcement allows a company to share their message quickly without losing the viewer’s attention.  This is becoming increasingly more important as the average attention span of a human is shorter than a goldfish.  Explainers are typically animated with 2D or 3D graphics but can also be done with shot video footage. Increasingly popular are also the white board style explainer videos, which are dynamic and effective in their delivery.
White Board Explainer – Cannabis Learning Series

2D Graphics Explainer Video – National Energy Board

Spots or Commercials

Spots or Commercials are creative and engaging ways to directly advertise a product, service or business to their customers. Traditionally seen in the form of television spots, commercials have evolved into the digital world as well.  Creating a commercial not only means that you can play your ad on a traditional television network, but also online as well.  This includes pre-roll ads on video platforms like YouTube, as well as other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Commercials generate interest by creating a clear call to action and strong benefit to the consumer using a business, product or service.  Now that your commercial can be aired on so many different platforms, the potential reach of your advertising efforts are almost limitless and the return on your investment much greater.
Brookfield - 15 Second Spot

Brookfield - 2 Minute Spot

Calgary Flames - 30 Second Spot


At V Strategies, we have spent the past 20 years strategizing and producing high quality video projects that engage audiences and increase audience engagement. To truly utilize the power of video, we must first understand and extract the story we are going to tell.  Our “Story First” approach to video allows us to understand the needs of your business, products, services and customers before identifying which type of video will be right for your unique situation. We are experts in storytelling and we want to help you unleash the potential of your stories!

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