2010, The Year of the PADD [VIDEOS]

March 9, 2010

Devices from futuristic television shows are becoming a reality and this year the focus is on the PADD.
A PADD (Personal Access Display Device - coined from Star Trek) is a hand held touch screen device that displays information and preforms various tasks. The devices available to consumers will not be able to open doors, read oxygen levels or complete transactions with a finger print reading, but they are excellent for a quick update on news, checking your email, watching videos or playing a casual game.
Many companies have released or will be releasing their version of a PADD this year. Each one has different features and price ranges, so if this interests you I would recommend taking the time to find the one in your price range that will fill your needs.

Apple iPad


Google Tablet


HP Slate

Notion Ink Tablet (ADAM)

Freescale Tablet

Asus Eee Tablet

ICD Vega

Compal Tablet

Microsoft Courier

Firstview CE/Android Tablets

Pierre Cardin Tablet



Dell Streak



Posted by Beau Durrant

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