Google Buzz - What's all the "Buzz" About?

February 15, 2010

What is Google Buzz?

Google Buzz is a new social network powered by Google.
Similar to Twitter you can follow people and have them follow you, reading and posting constant streams of real time updates. But that's just the start ... there's the ability to add images and videos, comments, like and share posts/statuses. Integrate your favourite sites and Google Apps together in one place and do everything from your desktop, notebook or mobile device.

There have been many reactions to Buzz in a short period of time both good and bad. Many concerns about privacy, automatic opt-in from Gmail, features and uses.
Google Buzz had made a huge impact in less than a week, only time will tell what is to come in the future.
We have our Google profile set up with Buzz. We haven't used our Gmail account a lot in the past but will be expanding on it and using it a little more to test this new social media resource.

Tools & Integration

Migrate your Twitter Contacts to Google Buzz
*Beta Code: p4rtr1dg39405
My Tweeple matches Twitter Profiles with Google Buzz Profiles
View Google Buzz Mobile From Your Desktop & Android 1.5+
@Brandon Partridge
How to Send Google Buzz Posts to Twitter
@Darren Humphries already updates Google Buzz instantly from txt, apps, email ...
HOW TO: Integrate Google Buzz Into Your WordPress Blog
@Christina Warren
HOW TO: Make a Google Buzz Desktop App
@Christina Warren
HOW TO: Integrate Facebook, Twitter, and Buzz into Your Gmail
@Ben Parr
Buzz off: Disabling Google Buzz
@Jessica Dolcourt
Posted by Beau Durrant

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