Hide Your Email from Spammers with validating HTML

January 5, 2010

If you post an email address on a website you risk getting spam to that email address.  This is because there are many "spiders" (computer programs) on the internet that have one goal, to find email addresses.  Once they have your email address it will be added to a list and sold to spammers.
To avoid this there are a couple things you can do.
1) Use http://scr.im/ to hide your email address.
Scr.im will convert your email address into a short, cute and safe link you can share on the web,  in Twitter,  forums, Craigslist,  anywhere ...
2) Use JavaScript we have written below.
First add an anchor HTML tag with an id of "email" where you would like your email to be displayed.

Next add this JavaScript just before the closing body tag of your HTML. Change the email, contact and emailHost to your information and you are finished.

The code above is XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
Posted by Beau Durrant

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