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V Video Cards

Delivery of video doesn't have to be online; there are tangible ways to get your video into your audience’s hands, literally. We have a new exciting format for video delivery that combines the best of video, audio and print. What?! Print you say? We are proud to present, the Video Card.

The V Video Brochure is an LCD video player that is embedded into your customized direct marketing enclosure, delivering engaging audio and visual presentations to your audience.

This tool can be designed to your branding guidelines and other requirements down to the last detail. You can load any video onto it, or multiple videos if you like. You can give the recipient other controls such as volume and order of videos being played. You have choices too; size of screen, size of brochure, brochure material, specialty finishing, and of course artwork design and copy.

Calgary Video Agency


  • Sales Tool

    Introduce yourself to prospective clients in a way that stands out.

  • Product Launches

    Raise awareness and demonstrate your product or service through video.
  • Customer Service

    Improve the after-purchase experience by including training visuals and demonstrating features.

  • Invitations

    Increase participation in all of your corporate events.

  • Press Kits

    Draw media attention to your important news.

  • Investor Relations

    Update your investors in a more personal and engaging format than text.

V Video Cards

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